Thursday 21st November 2013

Thursday 21st November 2013.

Meet outside Brown Cow at Whitkirk for a prompt departure at 6.30pm into Templenewsam Park. Warm up and gather in front of Templenewsam House.

The main session will be a variation on last weeks efforts. However, this session will include a 75m, flat sprint section on the paved area along the South Wing of the House.

1. From Stable Block up the hill to the metal gates at the top.

2. Recovery, at own discretion, behind the House in order to reach the paved section along the South Wing.

3. Hard for 75m on paved area towards field in front of the House.

4. Diagonal recovery route over field to start of the Park Run.

5. Hard up towards the House. Stop at path which leads down to amphitheatre.

6. Recover along path to amphitheatre back to start (1)

7. Repeat for the period of the session.

8. Gentle recovery jog back to St. Mary’s Hall car park for stretches.

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