25 Jan 2018 – Peter’s Triangles

Meet 6:30 normal winter meeting point. Jog up to Temple Newsam as warm-up. Interval session in a triangle shape with UPHILL side, FLAT side and DOWNHILL side. All on grass so good cross-country training (trail shoes would be advisable) there will be efforts on all sides of the triangle, so you can practice your full range of hill running technique.


Triangle in front of house approx 200m. ( 10 mins of run 1 side recover 1 side; 10 mins of run 2 sides recover 2 sides, 10 mins of run 3 sides recover 2 sides)

Don’t forget reflective clothing, bright things, lights, water and warm clothes for recovery. Don’t forget to be extra encouraging to other members. You never know when someone needs a kind word, no matter how fast they seem to be going.

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