24th August 2017 – Bullerthorpe Hills

Meet as usual 6:30 at the corner of the big field. Jog down to bottom of Bullerthorpe hill as a warm up.

The hill up to Bullerthorpe lane actually goes down in the middle until the bridge between the upper lakes when it goes up (and up) again. This is a landscape feature of Temple Newsam estate, but we can use it in our training.

Start at the bottom, run hard up main hill to the fingerpost/bench – this is hill one

Recovery down to the bridge.

From the bridge run hard up path until the bench on the left (or right for a bit extra) – this is hill two

Recovery Back down to bridge

From the bridge run hard again back up to the fingerpost (where your first recovery was) – this is hill three

Recovery back down to gate. Repeat until time is up!



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