2022 STAC Championships Race 3 – Norton 9

Our 2nd club race in as many weeks as we went to Norton, for an undulating 9 miler in South Yorkshire. The Norton 9 has been a club race before, back in both 2008 and 2016.

Over 20 STAC’s raced and as ever there were some incredible performances with Shane Grace 3rd overall and 1st in his age category whilst Glen Johnson and Dave Parker were 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age category.

The club championship still early days but Sam Chapman leads the ladies ahead of Wendy Higgins and Adele Wilson. Whilst in the men’s Shane Grace, Glen Johnson and Ian Maudsley are the top 3.

We have the ‘Andrew Gardner’ award for 14 consecutive races that hasn’t been won for several years now. Jamie Best was only a couple of way but sadly he missed this race through illness and it looks like it will be a while before anybody else does!

Full table below, with the best 2 out of the 3 races counting:

RankMens RankLadies RankNameBest 7Runs
11Shane GRACE8002
22Glen JOHNSON7693
33Ian MAUDSLEY7572
44Andrew GRINNELL7492
55Lee WHITELEY7432
66George SCHOFIELD7402
77Dave PARKER7302
88Jason ALBRECHT7243
99Nigel FULLER7063
1010David MELLOR6852
111Sam CHAPMAN6762
1211Tony NEWBORN6713
132Wendy HIGGINS6503
143Adele WILSON6433
1512Stuart GALL6423
164Sarah TURNBULL6392
1713Jamie BEST6322
185Becca HATTRELL6242
196Jennie HIGGINS6123
2014Mark CALVERT6083
228Lynn FLETCHER5683
239Samantha ROWLEY5512
2415Robert DICKINSON5442
2516Mark CHAPMAN4001
2617Richard Thomas HERRINGTON3871
2718Mark ABDY3651
2810Ruth MUIR3641
2919Nathan VAUGHAN3601
3020Stewart NICHOL3531
3121Adrian CRAVEN3481
3211Jessica MCMULLAN3341
3312Annie RODDY3261
3422Matthew HICK3241
3513Faye LOFTUS3231
3623Shaun LOFTUS3231
3714Joanne LOFTUS3201
3815Wanda MACDONALD3121
3916Emma LONGFELLOW3111
4017Ros BIRCH3091
4118Valerie PELL3061
4219Kate PENROSE3031
4320Stacey GOODYEAR3021
4421Melanie HUNTER-STEELE3001
4524Paul MCGREEVY2991
4625Christopher GILL2961
4726Dave CLARK2951
4822Katherine JUDGE2921
4923Lynne FALLON2911
5024Tracey PIPER2701
5125Samira LAMBERT2691
5226Dawn WALKER2661
5327Andrew GARDNER2651
5427Carolyn KEENAN2541
5528Lisa PARKER2531

Full details of the Club Championship scores can be found here.

Next up will be the Norton 9 – more details here.

Thanks to Melanie Hunter-Steele and Mark Evans for the photos!

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