2022 Club Championship – the races

Info of the club championship can be found here, which includes details of the races, links to book and explanations about the club championship works.

The races themselves range from 5k to half marathon and are across road, trail and cross country with elevation rating from flat as a pancake to a fell race.

Our first race of the year is Huddersfield parkrun at the end of January. This is one of the most popular parkrun in Yorkshire and has a surprisingly interesting route. Possibly we will be staying back for a coffee after!

February it’s Snake Lane which has long been popular with STAC’s both marathon training and PB hunting. We announced this a while ago and unfortunately it’s sold out. Keep an eye out for transfers, or if you’ve got a place and can no longer go please offer on the STAC Facebook group!

March we’re at the Norton 9. 9 miles is an usual distance, though we have done this as a club run several times before, and thanks to the work that Andrew Gardner has done we now have this distance in the club records. Will Judy Liu’s time of 1:04:59 or Danny Hare’s 53:20 be beaten?

April we’re at the Baildon Boundary Half, this is a trail half that likes of Richard Herrington has done and already quite a few STAC’s have signed up. There’s also a trees not tees option!

In May we hope to back at the Apperley Bridge Canter, this is usually on a Thursday night late in the month and a hilly but interesting route in Horsforth.

June we’re doing the Burton Leonard 10k, Sam Chapman found this one and whilst we don’t know much about it the description sounded interesting! There is also a fun run before it for your kids (Edit: we’ve since been advised that it was in the championship in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2016! Also to expect wet socks if you don’t want to queue for the bridge).

July there will be 2 races, firstly the Kilburn Feast 7 as part of wider annual celebrations in Kilburn and then the Beamsley Beacon Fell race. Our Fell experts Stuart Gall and Jess McMullan chose this one, and it accessible for those new to Fell!

In August we return to the Escrick 10k. This has always been popular with STAC’s and Helen Fenton is the Race Director.

September we will to the New Millerdam Quacky trail race, this will be on a weekday evening and comes recommended by Leanne Vaughan who has done it the last couple of years.

Also in September there will be our away race, the Humber Coastal in Cleethorpes. This was the one we were supposed to do in 2020! More details will follow nearer the time, but there will be a coach and the option to do the Half or the 10k.

October it’s the Wistow 10k, this is a flat course and we’ve checked that it doesn’t clash with Abbey Dash or the other big races in the month!

November’s race will be the Clowne Half. This has been growing in popularity every year with STAC’s (is it for the hoodie’s?) so we’re making it a club race!

Our last race of the year will possibly be the Bah Humbug 10k if it’s on, if not likely will be a PECO.

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