2020 STAC Championships Race 3 – Spen 20

Race report by Sam Jackson

The third club championship race took us to the delights of cleckheaton and the ups and ups and ups and  downs of spen 20.

This race was one that was pushed by Richard cooper (who wasn’t there by the way) (don’t worry we know why Richard!) and voted for by members (a lot of who else weren’t there either ?). 

Us hardy marathon training runners turned up with no marathon now to train for so none of us had gone with our mojo intact but take it on we did, 20 hard miles of 3 times past the same water station of hill after hill after hill – it felt never ending and a few downs with a fair bit of headwind thrown in for good measure.

To say we weren’t feeling it to start with ended with Emma Longfellow getting a PB, Sarah Morley running the furthest she has ever ran (and getting a great time too!), Shane grace coming 2nd in his age category (v40) and 7th overall and Glen Johnson’s trainers coming 2nd v45 and also earning a pb at 20 miles.

Overall this was one tough 20 mile race all for a cup of tea at the end but I’m sure we are all glad we turned up and did it – would I ever listen to Richard coopers recommendations for a race again? Probably not unless I researched it first!

The club championship has Shane Grace leading Glen Johnson and Greg Weatherhead in the mens. In the ladies the top 3 are Sarah Morley, Sam Jackson and Emma Longfellow. Full table below (it’s best 2 out of the 3 races):

Mens RankLadies RankNameBest 2Runs
11Shane Grace8002
22Glen Johnson7872
33Greg Weatherhead7792
44Ian Sheppard7602
55John Robson7442
66Ian Maudsley7302
77Paul Ebrey7212
88Lee Whiteley7122
99Daniel Ayres7102
1010David Mellor6992
1111David Leaf6872
1212Jason Albrecht6862
131Sarah Morley6832
142Sam Jackson6683
1513Richard Howarth6602
1614Jamie Best6502
1715Tony Newborn6412
183Emma Longfellow6353
1916Stuart Gall6182
204Stacey Goodyear6052
2117Shaun Loftus5922
225Becca Hattrell5662
236Sam Rowley5652
247Joanne Loftus5572
2518Andrew Gardner5272
2619Richard Herrington3901
2720Paul Newsome3841
2821Michael Keedy3791
2922Alan Schofield3611
3023Paul Atkinson3571
3124Simon Glover3521
3225Andrew Longfellow3471
338Tillie Clark3461
3426Robin Moran3361
3527Richard Beckwith3321
369Chelsie Gibson3291
3710Karen Atkinson3251
3828Michael Grayson3241
3911Wanda Macdonald3211
4012Paula Marie Watson3111
4113Sarah Denman3101
4214Wendy Higgins3101
4315Julie James3091
4416Anna Sharrott3031
4517Lisa Belford-Mcdowell3011
4629Nick Wealleans2991
4730Neil Hodgson2961
4818Kelly Palmer2901
4919Rebecca Ewart2901
5020Lynn Fletcher2891
5121Tracey Piper2851
5231Mick O’connell2821
5322Kate Penrose2821
5423Sally Backhouse2791
5524Dawn Walker2761
5625Sara Bowers2751
5732Robert Dickinson2711
5826Samantha Tinsdale2701
5933John Hunter2681
6027Gillian Clark2631
6128Joanne Lee2591
6229Alison Oconnell2561
6334Graham Bowden2541
6430Sheryl Sedgley2511
6531Helen Fenton2441

In the team challenge the ‘Summer striders’ still lead overall, but the gap has been closed after the ‘Winter Wayfarers’ performed best at Spen.

NameBornRace 3 pointsRace 3 AverageTotal RunsTotal PointsAverage
Summer StridersJul/Aug/Sep1702340279141339
Winter WayfarersJan/Feb/Mar1089363144672334
Spring StrollersApr/May/Jun957319206232312
Autumn AmblersOct/Nov/Dec1036345319559308

Full result here, hopefully not too long before the next club race.

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