2020 STAC Championships Race 1 – Crimple Valley PECO

Hello everyone the STAC Championships have now begun. The first race of was held at PECO event at Crimple Valley – Harrogate where 26 STACs completed this very muddy race!! Please find the first table below

PECO Harrogate – 19th Jan
Shane GraceM30:36:12200 400
John RobsonM30:36:43199 396
Paul NewsomeM30:38:56198 384
Ian SheppardM10:40:29197 376
Ian MaudsleyM10:43:09196 364
Alan SchofieldM40:43:40195 361
Daniel AyresM30:44:30194 357
Paul EbreyM30:44:41193 355
Lee WhiteleyM20:45:30192 351
David LeafM40:46:15191 348
David MellorM40:46:46190 345
Sarah MorleyL30:46:57189 343
Richard HowarthM20:51:42188 328
Michael GraysonM30:52:58187 324
Jamie BestM30:55:45186 316
Stuart GallM20:56:15185 314
Sam JacksonL30:57:30184 310
Emma LongfellowL30:59:28183 305
Stacey GoodyearL11:02:09182 298
Kelly PalmerL41:06:18181 290
Lynn FletcherL21:06:23180 289
Kate PenroseL11:10:17179 282
Becca HattrellL21:11:16178 280
Sam RowleyL41:12:49177 276
Andrew GardnerM41:17:05176 270
John HunterM11:18:00175 268

A new addition to the championships this year sees every STAC runner placed into a Team based on their month of birth

Jan to Mar – Team 1

Apr to June – Team 2

July to Sept – Team 3

Oct to Dec – Team 4

The average score of your team will be calculated on a race by race basis to give you your race team points. These will be added up across all the races to give an overall team winner. Currently Team 3 – July to September has raced into an early lead.

TeamRace 1 PointsRace 1 Average

The full championships spreadsheet can be found at this url https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1McuqGLFNZoAyVoX7OgbcuR0hTQZats63HUsv0QvRYOg/edit?fbclid=IwAR0zKpr_mN61JqZJdR_ZUOm1-s_qMOP_zHcozMcEF0ziTO2HkmMPJPuoMyM#gid=1677603537

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