2020/21 STAC Championships Race 9 – Leeds half and 10k

Two events for our 9th club race! In these unusual times the Leeds 10k and Leeds Half were on the same day – and with a brutal extra hill in the Leeds half for this year only!

Over 50 STAC’s took part across both races, with about half of them amongst the official pacers as part of ‘Northern Pacing Volunteers’!

For those not pacing there some great efforts (as the grimaces on the photos show!) with several Pb’s and several STAC’s doing their first half.

In the club championship we have new leaders, partly due to it now being the best 6 out of the 9 races so far. John Robson now leads the men’s ahead of Ian Sheppard and Jason Albrecht. Whilst Becca Hattrell is the new ladies leader ahead of Lisa Belford-Mcdowell and Sarah Morley.

Scoring for the club championship this round was done by converting all the 10k times to a half marathon. Full table below:

RankMens RankLadies RankNameBest 6Runs
11John Robson22666
22Ian Sheppard22256
33Jason Albrecht20516
44Tony Newborn20388
55Shane Grace20005
66Jamie Best18838
77Dave Clark18276
81Becca Hattrell18026
98Lee Whiteley18025
102Lisa Belford-Mcdowell17856
119David Morley17425
1210Wayne Butler17365
133Sarah Morley17315
1411Daniel Ayres17235
1512Christopher Gill16165
164Sam Jackson15485
175Emma Longfellow15265
186Tillie Clark14975
1913Ian Maudsley14534
2014Nigel Fuller13134
2115Chris Berry12194
2216Shaun Loftus12174
2317Stuart Gall12114
247Kate Penrose11934
258Valerie Pell11904
2618Glen Johnson11843
279Joanne Loftus11844
2819Chin Yong11693
2920Michael Keedy11383
3021Neil Hodgson11354
3110Lynn Fletcher11304
3222Andrew Grinnell11303
3323Nathan Vaughan11103
3424Stewart Nichol10983
3525Robert Dickinson10954
3626David Mellor10763
3711Jessica McMullan10613
3827Andrew Longfellow10603
3928Richard Herrington10593
4012Joanne Lee10504
4129Andrew Gardner10294
4230Tim Seddon10003
4331Michael Grayson9843
4413Rosalyn Birch9683
4514Clare Wilson9413
4615Suzette Jefferys9323
4716Stacey Goodyear8983
4832Mick O’connell8743
4917Sam Rowley8553
5018Gillian Clark8373
5119Alison Oconnell8223
5233Greg Weatherhead7792
5334Paul Ebrey7212
5435Paul Dixon7182
5536Robin Moran7102
5637Mark Evans6922
5738David Leaf6872
5820Hazel Normandale6632
5939Richard Howarth6602
6021Sarah Turnbull6292
6122Paula Marie Watson6202
6223Wendy Chapman6142
6324Wanda Macdonald6132
6425Lynne Fallon6032
6526Kelly Palmer5982
6627Julie James5982
6728Wendy Higgins5842
6829Sally Backhouse5792
6940Mark Calvert5632
7030Marie Barker5632
7131Tracey Piper5582
7241Nick Wealleans5522
7332Samira Lambert5492
7433Lea Vaughan5372
7534Helen Fenton5252
7635Julie Levitt5182
7736Carolyn Keenan5132
7837Emma Doherty4962
7942Joe Butler4001
8043Paul Newsome3841
8144Alan Schofield3611
8238Elle Warren3571
8345Paul Atkinson3571
8439Ruth Muir3521
8546Simon Glover3521
8647Paul Mcgilvray3491
8748Daniel Johnson3441
8849Phil Mitchell3391
8950Daniel Gaunt3361
9051Richard Beckwith3321
9140Chelsie Gibson3291
9241Karen Atkinson3251
9342Donna Lenaghan3121
9443Sarah Denman3101
9544Anna Sharrott3031
9652Ewan Malone3001
9753Glenn Othick2991
9854Robin Martin2931
9945Rebecca Ewart2901
10046Gill Lambert2891
10147Jennifer Higgins2881
10248Nykie Daww2821
10349Pauline Hardman2811
10450Dawn Walker2761
10551Angie Sellars2751
10652Sara Bowers2751
10753Samantha Tinsdale2701
10854Tracey Parsons2681
10955John Hunter2681
11055Melanie Hunter-Steele2671
11156Jane Scott2641
11257Pauline Blackwell2591
11356Geoff Hardman2581
11457Graham Bowden2541
11558Sheryl Sedgley2511
11658Chris Maltby2511
11759Lisa Parker2471
11860Sharon Butterfield2411
11961Andrea Airth2381
12062Sharon Binns2311
12163Leanne Sobratee2261

Full result here, and details of future club races here.

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