2020/21 STAC Championships Race 5 – Eccup 10

After 469 long days the STAC club championship is back in non-virtual form! Our return to racing was at the Eccup 10 mile in North Leeds.

32 STAC’s took part plus many more support on route. A long time STAC favourite; the undulating course took us round Alwoodley, Eccup reservoir and Eccup.

Some great running by all with several Pb’s. Special call-out to Kate Penrose and Samira Lambert who were both first for their category. Whilst Lynn Fletcher, Lynne Fallon and David Morley were in the top 5 of their respective categories.

In the club championship; the leaders going into this race (Sam Jackson and Shane Grace) were both injured. In the men’s Shane still remains in the lead, although Ian Shepherd has gained ground with John Robson in third. Whilst in the ladies Sarah Morley has taken over the lead with Sam in second and Emma Longfellow third.

Full results below (best 3 of the 5 races so far count):

RankMens RankLadies RankNameBest 3
11Shane Grace1200
22Ian Sheppard1160
33John Robson1121
44Lee Whiteley1098
55Daniel Ayres1063
61Sarah Morley1051
76Jason Albrecht1023
87Tony Newborn1020
92Sam Jackson986
103Emma Longfellow968
118Jamie Best961
124Lisa Belford-Mcdowell929
135Becca Hattrell893
149Neil Hodgson869
156Sam Rowley855
1610Robert Dickinson825
1711Glen Johnson787
1812Greg Weatherhead779
1913Ian Maudsley730
2014Paul Ebrey721
2115Andrew Longfellow705
2216David Mellor699
2317David Leaf687
2418Richard Howarth660
257Tillie Clark644
2619Chris Berry631
278Paula Marie Watson620
2820Dave Clark620
2921Stuart Gall618
309Valerie Pell610
3110Stacey Goodyear605
3211Kate Penrose601
3312Kelly Palmer598
3422Shaun Loftus592
3513Lynn Fletcher584
3614Sally Backhouse579
3715Gillian Clark561
3816Joanne Loftus557
3917Joanne Lee545
4018Alison Oconnell539
4123Andrew Gardner527
4224Chin Yong396
4325Richard Herrington390
4426Andrew Grinnell388
4527Nathan Vaughan387
4628Paul Newsome384
4729Michael Keedy379
4830Stewart Nichol379
4931David Morley366
5032Paul Dixon361
5133Alan Schofield361
5234Wayne Butler357
5335Paul Atkinson357
5436Simon Glover352
5537Paul Mcgilvray349
5638Daniel Johnson344
5739Nigel Fuller339
5840Robin Moran336
5941Richard Beckwith332
6019Clare Wilson330
6120Chelsie Gibson329
6242Christopher Gill329
6321Karen Atkinson325
6443Michael Grayson324
6522Wanda Macdonald321
6623Rosalyn Birch320
6724Wendy Chapman317
6825Sarah Denman310
6926Wendy Higgins310
7027Julie James309
7128Anna Sharrott303
7244Nick Wealleans299
7345Glenn Othick299
7429Lynne Fallon297
7530Marie Barker296
7631Rebecca Ewart290
7732Gill Lambert289
7833Samira Lambert288
7934Tracey Piper285
8046Mick O’connell282
8135Nykie Daww282
8236Pauline Hardman281
8337Dawn Walker276
8438Sara Bowers275
8539Samantha Tinsdale270
8640Tracey Parsons268
8747John Hunter268
8841Carolyn Keenan267
8948Geoff Hardman258
9049Graham Bowden254
9142Julie Levitt254
9243Sheryl Sedgley251
9344Helen Fenton244
9445Sharon Butterfield241
9546Andrea Airth238
9647Leanne Sobratee226

Full result here, and details of future club races here.

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