2 August 2018 – Temple Newsam Track

A track session this Thursday – Jog down to track at Temple Newsam from the normal meeting point. Full details below. Bring water bottles, avoid bright yellow clothing 😉 Full planned warm up and cool down on offer along with a good interval workout. All welcome. Session adapted from Jo Pavey 10K session on runners world website https://www.runnersworld.co.uk/training/jo-paveys-top-training-sessions

5K and 10K Tune Up

800m + 400m Efforts to be done at target 5K pace. Tempo set = tempo pace = you can hold this pace comfortably for 1hr.  Faster final 200m efforts to finish

Warm Up

2x800m (2 laps) with 2 minute recovery

2x400m (1 lap) with 1:30 recovery

10 minute Tempo (elites)

or 6 minute Tempo (everyone else)

3 minute recovery

2x200m with 60second recovery (elites can do 4x200m if time allows)

Cool down jog & Stretch to finish

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