STAC Trophy Winners Archive

This page has been created to capture all previous winners of the STAC Championships and Handicaps throughout the history of St Theresa’s Athletics Club

  • STAC Ladies Championship
  • STAC Mens Championship
  • Winter Handicap  (previously called the Bartle Handicap after its founder Brian Bartle)
  • Summer (Chris Gill) Handicap

Also please find a bit of background on the evolution of the Club Championships – details provided by Andrew Gardner

It is worth noting that for several years the Men’s Championship was divided into Division A and Division B (with promotion and relegation between them). After the first year or two, these effectively became open championships (largely because there were only a couple of ladies competing at the time). Theoretically, the “Men’s” championship could have been won by one of the Ladies; Wanda got closest with second place in Division A — and of course Wendy Higgins won the new combined league overall in 2018 —

STAC Trophy Winners v3

Year STAC Ladies Champion STAC Mens Champion
Division A Champion (1992 – 2009)
Division B Champion (1992 – 2009) Winter Handicap Winner Summer Handicap Winner
2019 Anna Sharrott
2018 Wendy Higgins Jamie Best Alan Schofield Michelle Smale
2017 Judy Tao-Liu Richard Herrington Louise Olbison Emma Doherty
2016 Ruth Muir Terry Midgley Dave Morley Reece Turner
2015 Wanda Macdonald Richard Herrington Joanna Robinson Michelle Smale
2014 Wanda Macdonald Terry Midgley Rob Hughes Adrian Buccilli
2013 Wanda Macdonald Terry Midgley Mike Sellars Jude Jackson
2012 Wanda Macdonald Terry Midgley Laura Wood (McGouran) Ian Sheppard
2011 Wanda Macdonald Ray Love Paul Ebrey Brian Shepherd
2010 Wanda Macdonald Ray Love Peter Boyle Ray Love
2009 Wanda Macdonald Chris Gill Ray Love Paul McGreevy Steve Holmes
2008 Wanda Macdonald Chris Gill Simon Glover Craig Keedy Paul McGreevy
2007 Wanda Macdonald Craig Keedy Gillian Gray Gillian Gray Peter Boyle
2006 Wanda Macdonald Stuart Locking Craig Keedy Pauline Hardman Chris Gill
2005 Wanda Macdonald Chris Gill Stuart Locking Alan Hunter Caryn Hopkins (Burke)
2004 Wanda Macdonald Chris Gill Wanda Macdonald Peter Boyle Jane Scott
2003 Pauline Blackwell Chris Gill John Johnson Olwen Drury Andrew Gardner
2002 Lynne Fallon Chris Gill Glenn Robinson Glenn Robinson Lynne Fallon
2001 Pauline Blackwell Chris Gill John Johnson Chris Gill Tony Bullough
2000 Pauline Blackwell Alan Schofield Glenn Robinson Alan Schofield Graham Bagnall
1999 Lynne Fallon Alan Schofield John Johnson Tony Archer
1998 Pauline Blackwell Alan Schofield Mark Harris David Sutcliffe
1997 Pauline Blackwell Chris Gill Peter Shearman Chris Gill
1996 Lynne Fallon Chris Gill Kevin Hitchen Peter Boyle
1995 Emma Wilkinson Alan Schofield Geoff Hardman Jane Scott (nee Burton)
1994 Pauline Blackwell Chris Gill / Alan Schofield Andrew Gardner
1993 Pauline Blackwell Craig Keedy Kevin Hitchen
1992 Pauline Blackwell Alan Schofield Andrew Gardner
1991 Maureen Gunby Chris Gill / John Hunter
1990 ??? Chris Gill
1989 ??? Martin Flanagan
1988 Maureen Gunby Chris Gill
1987 Maureen Gunby Chris Gill
1986 Maureen Gunby / Jenny Macklam Chris Gill
1985 Dorothy Bacon Dave Leaf
1984 Dorothy Bacon Chris Gill / Richard Atkinson

Mike Sellars Memorial Award – Dedication  to Training

2018 – Anna Sharrott

2017 – Glen Johnson


Oustanding Contribution to STAC Award

2018 Female – Emma Longfellow

2018 Male – Shaun Loftus


STAC of the Year

2018 – Chris Gill


STAC Age Graded Championships

2010 to 2017 – Chris Gill


Club Championship Results

2018 – STAC Championships 2018- Final Positions v1

2017 – STAC Championships 2017 – Final Positions


STAC Parkrun League

2018 – STAC Parkrun League After Wildcards v2

2017 – STAC Parkrun League – Final Positions v2


STAC Fell Championships

2017 – STAC Fell Championships – October v1


Temple Newsam Hills

2017 – STAC Temple Newsam Hills – Leaderboards



2019 Winter Handicap Winner – Anna Sharrott (2nd Karen Atkinson, 3rd Claire Wilson)

STAC – Winter Handicap – November 2018 – RESULTS


2018 Summer Handicap Winner – Michelle Smale (2nd Glen Johnson, 3rd Julie Heslegrave)

STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap – June 2018


2018 Winter Handicap Winner – Alan Schofield (2nd Helen Fenton, 3rd Lisa Belfford-McDowell)

STAC – Winter Handicap – Dec 2017 – RESULTS


2017 Summer Handicap Winner – Emma Doherty (2nd Terry Midgley, 3rd Lee Holliday)

STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap Aug 2017 Results


2017 Winter Handicap Winner – Louise Olbison (2nd Adele Wilson, 3rd Kimberley Harvey)



2016 Summer Handicap Winner – Michelle Smale (2nd Lisa Belford-McDowell, 3rd Pauline Blackwell)

STAC Chris Gill Handicap Results v2

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