STAC Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps

Temple Newsam Top Trumps – Update

12 runners have completed the full set of Temple Newsam Hills and 9 runners have now also completed an “all in one” run.  With the most recent completer being Ian Maudsley on the 9th of July.  Big shout out to our Chairman Martin Horbury who is the only runner to have completed the challenge twice!!!   We also have a number of ladies on the board in both categories – congratulations to “all in one” runners – Adele Wilson, Tracey Parsons, Tracey Piper and Jo Holland as well as Anna Milburn for completing the full set.


To celebrate our love for Fell ,Trail and Hill Climbs – 15 separate Hill Segments have been chosen within the confines of Temple Newsam Estate.

These have been logged as STRAVA segments – apologies to the non STRAVA users out there (however you can manually run them if you like)

The aim is for you to complete all 15 and then your times will be automatically logged in the Strava Leaderboards.  All climbs have been categorised based on their average gradient –  Easy <5%, Medium 5-8% or Hard 8+%

All segments start with the letters SH and have a definite start and end point (see guides in the downloads section for details) and using these should mean that your segments are logged.

A “collect them all” chart has been made for you to record your progress

A Completers Certificate is also available for you to print out once you have completed the challenge (big thanks to Malcolm Lavery for creating this).

There is also a seperate “all in one” challenge for you to attempt  – the aim is to complete them as one run with the clock starting from the start of the first segment and stopping at the end of the last (in any order you like). A leaderboard of “all in one” times is shown below. We also will rank your runs by overall distance and climb efficiency.

Please be aware that farmers fields are “out of bounds” unless there is a footpath or bridleway across them.

Old runs – i.e. before the “go live” day of Hill Top Trumps will not count  (22/06/17)

Downloads Section

Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps – Segments v2

Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps – Map of Segments

Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps -Start and End Points v2

Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps – Collect Them All Chart

Temple Newsam Hill Top Trumps – Completers Certificate

Temple Newsam Top Trumps – Leaderboards v6



STAC Ladies on their “all in one” round 02/07

Stu Gall

Have Fun

STAC Fell Club

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