Club Runs 2020

The 2020 Club Championship races are now announced! There will now be 14 races over the year, with the best 8 counting towards the club championship. Distances will range from 5k to 20 miles and across varying terrain.

The races

Race Date Distance Type On Sale?
PECO Harrogate Jan 19th 4.5-5m Cross country Yes
Dewsbury Feb 2nd 10k Road / Flat Sold out
Spen 20 Mar 15th 20m Road / Undulating Yes
Ackworth Apr 13th 13.1m Road / Undulating Yes
Leeds Half May 10th 13.1m Road / undulating Yes
Chevin Fell Race Jun 3rd 4.5k Fell Enter on day
St Aidan’s 10k Jul 3rd 10k Trail / Flat Yes
Canal Run Jul 7th 5k Trail / Flat Yes
Escrick Aug 16th 10k Mixed / Flat Yes
ABP Humber Coastal (away race!) Sep 20th 13.1m or 10k Road / flat 29th Feb
Wakefield Night Run Oct 10th 10k Road / flat No
Abbey Dash Oct TBC 10k Road / Flat No
Guy Fawkes Nov TBC 10m Mixed / hilly No
Bah Hambug 10k Dec TBC 10k Mixed / hilly No
  • Canal run goes on sale now and will sell out quickly!
  • Our away race is now the ABP Humber Coastal in Cleethorpes, there will be a coach put on to this. More details soon.
  • As Helen Fenton is the Race Director of the Escrick 10k, entry to STAC members is a discounted £10 and it is on sale now
  • Other races with dates TBC may not happen, may clash with other events or may clash with a PECO race. In these circumstances a replacement racer will be found.
  • Where entry is open, there is a link added above to take you to the booking site

What is the STAC club championship?

The club championship is across 14 selected races over the year. A runners best 8 races will count towards the championship. There will be prizes for best female and male runner and the league table will be updated throughout the year.

There will also be a ‘mini-championship’ over 3 races; the Canal Run, East Leeds 10k and Escrick.

For the races chosen, we try to get a good variety of events; from distance, size, terrain and hills!

All 1st and 2nd claim members are welcome to join any or all the races. There is usually a good STAC turnout on all events. So even if you can only make one or two it’s a great way to do a run that you wouldn’t normally do with other STACs!

How does scoring work?

There is a maximum 400 points possible per race.

The fastest STAC will get 400 points; 200 points for the fastest time and 200 points for being best STAC.

Everyone else gets points related to how fast they were compared to the fastest time (so if a person was 25% slower they would get 150/200 points) and their STAC placing in that race (so if they were 5th fastest STAC 195/200) points. A total of 345/400 points for this example.

There are 14 races in 2020 and the best 8 will count towards the final placing in the table.

Throughout the year the club championship table will be updated as follows:

Race No. Table will be updated to show:
1 Best 1 from 1 race
2 2 from 2
3 2 from 3
4 3 from 4
5 3 from 5
6 4 from 6
7 4 from 7
8 5 from 8
9 6 from 9
10 6 from 10
11 7 from 11
12 7 from 12
13 8 from 13
14 8 from 14

Previous Championship

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